Sustainable Long Duration Flow Battery Storage

Practical Magnetic Flow Battery Storage

High-Density Batteries

Our high-density redux batteries have up to 3X the energy storage performance compared to other leading redux batteries on the market. Higher density means these batteries can store more energy in a given volume, offering a compact and efficient solution. Higher density translates to longer-lasting power a for applications ranging from industrial storage to electric vehicles.

A Simplified Opex

Solid State Pumps (SSPs) contribute to a simplified Opex. SSPs replacing traditional mechanical pumps offer enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance needs, and an extended lifespan. By adopting Solid State Pumps, magnetic flow battery storage improves reliability and significantly cuts ongoing maintenance costs, ensuring a more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

More Affordable & Practical

PWRJoule®’s magnetic flow battery storage stands out as a cost-effective solution in the competitive energy storage landscape. Integrating higher-density batteries and Solid State Pumps (SSPs) ensures superior energy storage efficiency and significantly streamlines operational expenses.

Practical Flow Battery Storage

Our paradigm-shifting technology will allow flow battery power storage for longer and more efficiently for countless industries and applications.

The Future

In response to the escalating cost of power and the increasing demand for sustainable energy, long-duration flow battery storage offers versatile applications in real-world scenarios. Seamlessly integrating with existing equipment and technology makes this storage solution affordable and practical for large-scale industry applications.

PWRjoule long-duration flow battery storage

The Technology

Our systems provide extended discharge durations, addressing the rising demand for reliable power during peak periods. Their scalability offers investment opportunities across diverse markets, from residential to large-scale grid storage. Moreover, by decoupling power and energy components, these batteries offer adaptable solutions tailored to specific needs. See our patent here.

The Possibilities

According to the industry’s top research firms, the market for long-duration storage on a global basis is projected to grow exponentially in the coming decades. In California alone, the state will need to deploy between 45-55 GW of long-duration energy storage to meet its goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from electricity by 2045.

Applications of Long Duration Flow Battery Storage

Grid Energy Storage

Long-duration flow batteries are utilized for grid energy storage, where they can store excess energy generated during periods of low demand and release it during peak demand. This helps to stabilize the grid, manage fluctuations in renewable energy generation, and enhance overall grid reliability.

Remote Area Systems

Long-duration flow batteries are an efficient energy storage solution in off-grid or remote locations. They can store energy generated from renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines, providing a reliable and continuous power supply to areas that are not connected to the main power grid.

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Commercial Applications

Large-scale industrial facilities and commercial establishments often require stable and reliable power sources. Long-duration flow batteries are employed to provide backup power during outages, allowing businesses to maintain operations without interruption.

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